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Unleashing the Potential

We are a responsible, reliable, mature, energetic couple in our early-20s and have lived in the Atlanta area for 6 years. We have professional experience dog boarding, dog training, running a doggy daycare, and running our pet taxi. We love the water, animals, and experiencing and exploring new places. And we can't wait to welcome your pups into our pet family as well! 



Since I was a little girl, I've had a love for animals. Growing up, my family always had dogs and a lab called Max was the one who most influenced my life. He was my best friend and was so sweet and smart. He was the reason why I had become involved in working with animals. Almost four years ago, I got Azura and Dori, Weimaraner sisters, and they are my life. And recently I got my first working k9 Ammo. Ammo and I compete in PSA (Protection Sports Association).
For two years, I worked as a vet assistant at an animal hospital and pets sat for our customers several times. I have seven years of pet sitting experience in total. I work full time in the pet industry and have expertise in animal care, medication, injection, doggy daycare, Boarding, Dog walking, Dog training, Cat Care, and fluid administration. (Alyssa currently is just the owner of Purple Pups ATL and is over boarding, all dog training will be through the head trainer Zach)


Since I was young I’ve loved animals — both learning about and taking care of them. I began working as a full-time Dog Sitter and Dog Trainer in 2019 and now have the opportunity to share my love of animals with my clients and pet owners all over the Atlanta area.


I pride myself on the high standard of care and services that I offer. I have a number of clients who have become more like family, and customers who consider me to be an integral member of their family. I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon.


The Pups

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